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00.90.0028 - Speech

Eulogy for Eben Walker Dorr delivered at his burial service October 16, 1870, Milton, Florida. Husband of Clara G. Dorr who built the Dorr House

Image of W.83.89.0324 - Coffin

W.83.89.0324 - Coffin

Coffin: made of pig iron. Believed to have contained the body of a French officer when first found on Santa Rosa Island in the 1930s. Casket was dug up and buried several times before being donated to T. T. Wentworth in 1938. Wentworth had the metal analyzed-was consistent with being made in a French foundry. Body had disintegrated after its first exposure to air

Image of 1981.015.0001 - Marker, Grave

1981.015.0001 - Marker, Grave

Marker, Grave: wooden grave marker of Gertrude Bonnauer, with carved inscription; marker is tall on wide base with curved top, is carved: In memory of Gertrude Bonnauer Born in Cologne Rhine Prussia 26 June 1854 Died in Pensacola 17 Oct 1878 Rest in Peace