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Catalog Number 2004.036.0018.1-4
Object Name Letter
Scope & Content Letters: 4 Letters written on USS Brooklyn, off Pensacola by Daniel Jones of Kittery,Maine who spent over 20 years on active duty in the Navy. He was a career Navy man, a carpenter assigned to the Brooklyn, a ship which played a key role in the reinforcement and defence of Fort Pickens. He was a friend of Hannibal Hamlin and served in the Maine State Legislature for a time. July 25, 1860; March 19,1861; April 24, 1861 and April 24,1861. Valued at $500
Spelling, punctuation, and grammar as written in letters.

.2 Letter to his son dated April 24, 1861, (Daniel W. Jones, Jr. had just graduated from medical school and was facing a somewhat uncertain future. Eventually he joined the military and served from 1863-1865 as a Navy assistant surgeon. In this letter, his father describes the situation and Confederate forces facing the Union troops at Fort Pickens):
"As I have an opportunity I thought I would write you a few lines by Captain Walker he returns to Boston on account of his health he said he should come down to Portsmouth and he would call and see my family he is an excellent officer we all regret his leaving us.
I expect you have graduated and I hope with honor-you must improve your opportunity, now is your sowing time and the harvest you look for can never be yours unless you make a good use of it. The color of our whole life is ----- ------ ------ the first years that in which we are our own Masters make it. I have no particular advice to give you, you must not neglect your studies nad perhaps you may find yourself qualified to stand -- commission for the Army or Navy either branch of the service is Highly Respectable and so is private practice.
We are ingaged unloading the Atlantick and Illinois Steamers loaded with Troops and Provisions and Armament for Fort Pickens there is over one thousand men in the Fort and it is thought impregnable against any force that may be brot against it the Southern Army are kamped insight of the Ship they say to the number of five thousand tents I am informed that we are not to attack them but to act strongly on the defensive this cannot last long one side or the other will bring on hostilities before long Colonel Brag says he is coming over to take Fort Pickings if he leaves five thousand men in the ditch he may boast but he cannot take Fort Picking with all the South combined we have full possession of Rosa Island that commands the Navy yard and their Batterys on shore but government is wisely using every means to prevent the Sheding of blood but with all the precaution I think war is invitable let it come and God defend the Right in haste"

.3 Letter to his wife, dated April 24, 1861 (Jones describes the reinforcement of Fort Pickens by USS Brooklyn, the USS Atlantic, the USS Powhatan, and the USS Illinois"
As Captain Walker returns home in the Atlantic and has kindly offered to take a letter for me and mail it in Boston where he now lives we are all grieved at Capt Walkers having to leave the ship he is very sick with Direah he contracted in China and I fear he will never git well of it he is a Good man and Brave and would have Honored the flag if he had an opportunity he says he is coming to Portsmouth and he will call on my Family and let you know all about us I saw off Jenkins a few days ago he has been quite sick with Diareah but has got well again the Atlantic arrived here on the 16th with Troops and a Company of Flying Artilary we reinforced Fort Pickings on the 12th in the night we are now landing the Troops and horse from the Atlantic I forgot to name the Powhattan arrived here on the 17th we expect a long Reinforcement move in a few days a Demand has been mad of Col Brag to give up all the United States Property in the Harbour he has asked four days to consider upon it I think he will not do it and if we git it we shall have a hard fight for it I have no doubt of our being able to take it although we have this moment received a Telegram that an army was in sight of great numbers if we have good luck in landing the troops and Stores of the Different Ships I think War will commence in the time of a week if not sooner and I have no doubt you will hear the result before this reaches you" ". . .the Illinois arrived here on the 20th with about three Hundred troops all Troops are Safely Landed and in Fort Pickings and no colition has taken place I think it is now impregnable against any force the South can bring against it we are actively engaged unloading the Two Steamers it will take about a week there is no prospect of our coming home ar present. . ."

.4 Letter to his wife Sarah, dated March 19, 1861:
"I now take the first opportunity to write you as Lieut Gnafney our first Lieut has ben detatched from the ship and leaves for Washington --- ----- --- to the Government he takes all letters for the squadron I am informed that postal arrangements between the two Govenments has ben arranged that letters will be forwarded as formerly with additional Postage through the Confederate States little did I think when I joined this Ship that I should live to Pay a Postage to an other Government in the United States but Sectionalism has don apart of its work but not all a Civil War is busily at hand and as soon as it is inaugurated I expect all the Southern States will unite together and I think they will eventually gain their independence after a long and Bloody War there is nearly two thousand soldiers onshore fortifying the Place working day and night I think it will take at least twenty thousand men to take the place if attempted I hope I see Mr. Lincoln sending them here before any attempt is made let them all be Republicans for it is nothing more right that they that caus the quarrel to be the only ones to fight as for myself I mean to obey the Government that I am sworn to and do my duty to the best of my abilities as I do not no what would be the best in this deplorable state of affairs I have no news to write as we have no communications with shore noone is permitted to land we lay at anchor about five miles from Fort Pickens. . .
". . . I have one consolation I have had no hand in causing this Sad State of affairs and have warned others against Sectionalism. . ."
Date 1861
People Jones, Daniel
Search Terms Pensacola
Civil War